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Addiction is mental illness characterized by destructive behavior and compulsive drug seeking. As society learns more about this mental disease, the shame some addicts may feel, which often keeps them from seeking treatment, is slowly fading. Thanks to research in the addiction field, new medications and treatment programs are created in order to make addiction recovery easier and safer.

Addiction is accepted by medical professionals as a disease, yet many are unwilling to acknowledge it as such. This attitude can prevent addicts from seeking treatment at rehab centers like Drug Treatment Centers Hoboken. As our world comes to understand this complex disease, chances are more people will seek professional help to overcome their addiction. Professionals at Drug Treatment Centers Hoboken can help you overcome your addiction The causes for avoiding recovery can vary. Some patients may be afraid of change, have low self-esteem or perhaps fear of withdrawal because of unsuccessful attempts at recovery. Moreover, when a person struggling with drug abuse appears to be successful and is respected by his or her loved ones, they may think that they could.


Dual Diagnosis

A common problem facing addicts is that they have a mental or emotional disorder which often causes the addiction. Using these substances may have begun as an attempt to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol in order to cope with painful emotions or mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and bi-polar disorder. Most residential treatment centers treat substance abuse, but they don’t always address the underlying emotional or mental issues that could have caused the addiction in the first place. Treating the addiction alone isn’t going to ensure a lasting recovery. When mental and emotional disorders lie at the heart of the addiction, recovery can seem nearly impossible. The addiction and the mental or emotional factors that led to addiction should be treated simultaneously in order to ensure an enduring recovery.


Currently, neurobiologists are studying the molecular and neuro-pharmacological causes of drug abuse. Treatment centers employ medications generally combined with other substance abuse treatment plans. The goal is to create a healing atmosphere that inspires full social functioning. Prescribed drugs for opioid addiction, for instance, may include:

  • Methadone: this is an opioid substitute that blocks the effects of heroin and prescribed opiates. Methadone is highly effective in the treatment of opioid dependence. This drug can lessenwithdrawal symptoms significantly and reduce drug cravings. Unfortunately, methadone can also be highly addictive, so this type of treatment requires constant medical monitoring.
  • Buprenorphine: This FDA-approved drug is a partial agonist employed to treat opioid dependence. It helps individuals withdrawing from opioids suffer less withdrawal.
  • Naltrexone: This drug is an opioid receptor antagonist which blocks the opioid receptors activation. It also helps with regulating cravings and avoiding relapses.

Stabilizing the addict’s brain chemistry through detoxification is perhaps the most critical part of recovery. Drug treatment programs provide comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment that begins with the detoxification process. Certified professionals combine years of medical experience and expertise with support and compassion while they monitor and guide each patient through detox. Their top priority is to ensure each patient’s comfort while they move from of the disease of substance addiction and abuse. Other alternative approaches to treatment are also employed during rehab. Counseling and therapeutic methods such as yoga, acupuncture and exercise can make treatment more effective. Discover new options for recovery by calling Drug Treatment Centers Hoboken at 201-571-2410.


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