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Drug addiction in infants

Being a mother can be overwhelming at times. The joys of motherhood often come accompanied by decades of responsibilities that seem to pile up every second. It’s hard to give up many things you used to do, which perhaps offered temporary relief from stressful situations. Whether you are an addict or a recreational drug seeker, quitting drugs or alcohol and seeking drug addiction treatment should be the first thing on your priority list if you are pregnant.

Abstaining from addictive substances or quitting drug addiction might not be as easy for everyone. Some women may be taking prescription drugs for a severe condition. Painkillers are of specific concern because they are legal, unlike other drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Some mothers may feel conformable with this idea without ever pausing to think about the devastating consequences of drug abuse and drug addiction.

The first thing you should remember is how harmful to your baby these drugs can be.  Infants exposed to opiates and illegal drugs can experience severe withdrawal. Sometimes these newborns are sent to the hospital for quite a while to detox. Withdrawal symptoms these babies can exhibit include seizures, tremors, stomach cramps, breathing very fast and trouble feeding. The categories of drugs being used now are quite different. This can eventually lead to different symptoms and side effects.

According to an article published recently on News press: “About 7 of every 1,000 Florida newborns in 2011 were diagnosed with a drug dependency, known by medical experts as neonatal abstinence syndrome.” It’s sad seeing these babies suffer from something they haven’t done. If you are struggling with an addiction while pregnant dial 201-571-2410.  Professional help is available 24/7.

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