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Hoboken Heroin Abuse Creates an Unsafe Environment

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Heroin has caused problems in Hoboken. Police raided the West Side Plaza strip mall on Jackson Street in May and arrested eighteen people for selling heroin, crack and marijuana. The strip mall acted as a thriving open-air drug market, according to police, making it unsafe for families.

Heroin is a drug that is processed from morphine, which is obtained from the poppy plant. Most people, though, cannot afford its pure form; instead, they buy it in impure, compounded form, and compensate for the lack of quality by directly injecting it. 

In most people, this drug brings about the changes to the brain that form addictionhoboken-heroin-abuse very quickly; often, it takes no more than a single use of the substance for long-term addiction. This makes it a particularly dangerous drug. Rates of addiction in the population have recently risen to alarming levels.

Why is There a Sudden Rise in Heroin Abuse? 

In the 1960s, heroin was considered too expensive a drug to have mass appeal. Most people who used the drug went with heavily adulterated supplies that were no more than 2 percent or 3 percent heroin, choosing to inject it for some rise in efficacy. Over the past five years, though, prices of pure heroin have crashed with oversupply from Mexico and Asia. The cheapness has allowed heroin to become a mass-market drug with an aura of fashionable chic, as well; heroin chic is a well-recognized fashion trend. 

The ease with which doctors tend to prescribe opiate painkillers tends to be another cause of the problem. Prescribed for arthritis, back injuries and other painful conditions for weeks at a time, these the drugs addict some people just as effectively as street heroin. Once prescriptions run out and black-market supplies become hard to procure, some people simply turn to street heroin. Fortunately, the medical profession is beginning to cut back on prescriptions.

If you need help overcoming a heroin addiction, you can attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in New Jersey ( to speak with fellow addicts about your struggle with abuse. This can help you form friendships and provide you with an outlet to express your feelings.


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