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Drug Intervention

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It’s difficult watching someone surrender to a life of addiction. However, there are things that can be done to help these individuals seek treatment at a recovery facility. A well-planned drug intervention can help drug abusers understand how their addictive lifestyle is not only affecting their lives, but also the lives of those around them. This comprehensive process can compel them to enter treatment and recovery. With professional assistance to guide families through the steps, a drug intervention may yield positive results and help patients get the physical and psychological assistance they need.

Types of intervention

There are two basic intervention methods. The first one involves loved ones meeting with the interventionist to prepare for this confrontational approach without the knowledge of the person. The other model is an educational progress of stages with the person struggling with substance abuse.

Planning an Intervention

During a drug intervention, family and friends of the addict generally speak with them in private.  This process requires an interventionist or addiction specialist to explain how the mediation works. Loved ones are sometimes asked to write letters to express how they feel about the addict’s behavior. These letters are generally read in a family meeting. The main goal of a mediation is to help struggling individuals join a treatment facility. We can help you plan a successful drug intervention. Call us at 201-571-2410.


Family Meetings

Before scheduling a family meeting, friends and family should discuss what they wish to say first. This type of confrontation can generate conflict among family members. This process should be delivered in a positive way and with loving concern. The tone of the meeting is vital and should be intended to urge the addict go join a rehabilitation program.

Take Action

When each family member and friend expresses their concerns, they should do so in a positive way. Specific examples of addictive behaviors and how this behavior is affecting the family dynamics should be provided. A plan should be drawn with methods of treatment, guidelines and long-term goals. Honesty is the best rule to follow.  Each individual participating in the mediation protocol should have a backup plan just in case the addict doesn’t respond positively or refuses to get treatment.


When the intervention is completed, the patient needs to get prepared to enter into a comprehensive rehab program where all issues linked to substance abuse can be addressed. Addiction professionals can escort them to a safe recovery place fully equipped with the right recovery tools to help these patients begin a new journey toward sobriety.

It might take some time for the intervention to work. Call Drug Treatment Centers Hoboken at 201-571-2410. We can help your loved one recover from drug dependence.  Interventionists and professionals in the addiction field are available 24/7. We can help you intervene.


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