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Relationships are a very important part of relapse prevention. They can help alleviate the burden most addicts carry when tempted to relapse. Some may need faith, while others just need the support of their loved ones. Everyone can benefit from someone who listens and helps them through recovery.   Whether it is a friend, a relative or an addiction expert, addicts often need someone to help them see the whole picture. A vital element in any relapse prevention method is admitting the need for constructive change.

The first thing to do is to get to know you better. Forgive your past and the mistakes you made. Don’t allow shame and guilt to overpower you. Nothing can be done to fix what happened, but you can take steps to move forward. Negatives thoughts can drag you down and send you back to an addictive lifestyle. Take a break and reflect.

Individuals using drugs for a long time tend to get confused about their purpose in life. Drugs or alcohol have dragged them down for so long that the idea of starting afresh is almost impossible. It’s possible to rediscover your interests, likes and dislikes. Asking yourself questions and writing down your thoughts may be a good start. This is only the beginning of an amazing relationship with who you really are.

Romantic relationships are sometimes not a good idea, especially during early recovery. Some professionals may advice to wait a year, while others think constructive relationships such as a spouse or someone who has a good influence on the recovering individual’s life can be helpful. The problem with the later approach is that romance tends to be used as a substitute for drug or alcohol addiction. Addicts in recovery should stay focused on recovery and sobriety in order to deal with deeper issues that may have sent them down the addictive path. For those who already are in a relationship, partners should adjust to the circumstances. Some partners may have been so busy caring for the drug user that he or she can start losing a sense of identity. Family counseling is available for these individuals at Drug Treatment Centers Hoboken.

Sometimes, in order to have a clear goal in life, you have to let go of old relationships, particularly the ones that led you down the wrong path. You can form healthier relationships during recovery, which will eventually substitute the old ones.  Other people in recovery can help you find your way and help you keep a positive attitude during addiction treatment. Surround yourself with the right people, and it’ll inspire you to begin again.

Family can also help during substance abuse recovery. A caring family will always encourage you to seek recovery treatment. Change may be terrifying, but it’s necessary in order to move forward. You may also choose to step away temporarily from your family roles. This will allow you some space to reflect and focus on getting better and healing faster.  Many treatment centers offer family counseling to the families of the addict in order to teach them about the treatment programs employed to help their loved ones find healing and a new beginning.  Call us now at 201-571-2410 and find new ways to prevent a relapse.

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